Saturday Morning Cartoons #005 – Felix The Cat: Woos Whoopie

felixA couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Ruff and Reddy, a cartoon series that I remember first seeing on weekday mornings when I was a wee lad. Another of my favorite characters from that same time period was Felix the Cat.

The Felix that I remember from that time and still love with a fog of nostalgia, the one with the magic bag that he could pull incredible things out of and could reshape into whatever he could think of to get himself out of jams (such jams usually caused by people trying to steal that magic bag) was actually from a revival series which was made for television beginning in the 1950s. The character of Felix himself, however, is actually much older than that.

Felix was first created in the early 1920s, but his actual origin remains, according to Wikipedia,  somewhat disputed. He first appeared in a series of silent shorts before slowly transitioning to sound. These shorts continued to be produced and released to theaters until 1932, and it is from these shorts that today’s feature episode comes.

To say that this Felix is rather different from the one I remember is a bit of an understatement. Entitled “Woo’s Whoopie”, it follows a drunken Felix as he attempts to navigate his way home from a bar to a very angry wife. Yeah, I’m pretty sure this was not part of the syndicated programming package that was part of the early morning children’s TV fare of my early years.

And here, as an extra bonus for comparison’s sake, is an episode of the Felix show I do remember, including his unforgettable theme song:




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