Saturday Morning Cartoons #007 – In Memoriam


I suppose it could be considered somewhat ironic that just a few weeks after I started this series the concept of the Saturday Morning Cartoon has been declared officially dead.

Of course, as far as the three “major” networks that I grew up watching these cartoons on, the Saturday morning cartoon blocks for kids have been a thing of the past, replaced by “news” shows, sports, and “educational” shows usually featuring either food or animals.. However, up until last week, the CW was still holding out with a few anime-style cartoons. Starting today, however, those cartoons are being replaced by… well, does it really matter? It ain’t gonna be cartoons.

As far as the whys and wherefores of this, well, here are a couple of articles that detail some of the reasoning, with Flavorwire focusing on the increased availability of these shows causing a lack of interest in kids spending their Saturday mornings watching these programs or at least leaving the choice of what they watch to network programmers instead of just pulling them up on their i-phones or Netflix or whatever, and Mark Evanier pointing the finger where it really belongs, the money trail.

Meanwhile, the website In the 80s has posted a comprehensive schedule of the Saturday morning programming blocks from 1979 to 1990.

As for myself, I think I’m going to head into the kitchen, pour myself a huge bowl of Apple Jacks, and spend the rest of the morning watching some Looney Tunes. Wanna join me?










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