It’s Time To Brew Up Some Damn Good Coffee And Grab Some Pie – Twin Peaks Is Coming Back!

I first saw this as a rumor a couple of days ago, but was waiting for official confirmation before running with it. Well, that confirmation has come pretty quickly. Yes, it’s true: David Lynch and Mark Frost‘s incredible television series Twin Peaks will be returning as a nine-episode mini-series on Showtime in 2016. This article on covers the way the reveal was made.

As someone who watched the original series as it was broadcast on ABC I remember very well the feeling of having discovered something intriguing and surprising, especially for network television at the time. And I remember that feeling that the show really lost its way after the reveal of the identity of the initial killer.

That’s one reason I really like the idea of this being a limited series. Lynch and Frost have obviously had plenty of time to develop the ideas and plot for the story that they want to tell, while the small number of episodes will hopefully force them to stay focused on telling that story without too much wandering from and stretching out of that story. Also, with the show airing on Showtime, they won’t be limited by “network standards” this time around.

Here’s the official announcement promo:

Yeah, 2016 is a ways off, but that just means we all have plenty of time for a full re-watch of the original series, which I personally intend to begin asap.


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