Blame Hydra? Blame Tony? It Doesn’t Matter. The Trailer For Avengers: Age of Ultron Is Here

a2Supposedly this trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron wasn’t going to premiere until next week’s Agents of Shield, but here it is, and yep, it’s official. Marvel says to blame Hydra, but personally from the looks of things, I’d say blame Tony.

Whatever the reason, I’d go ahead and take a look while the lookin’s good, ’cause there’s no promise that TPTB won’t change their minds and try to take it down.

Yeah, this looks like it’s gonna be epic.

Update: From the Credit-Where-It’s-Due Department: It appears that once word got to them that the trailer had somehow leaked online, Marvel/Disney smartly decided the genie was out of the bottle, so they went ahead and quickly put out an official version of their own, which is the one linked to above. Hey, when you’ve got Thor on your team, there’s no need to let somebody else steal your thunder, right?


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