Batman Teams With LBJ To Sell US Savings Bonds And Stamps

bats2Yesterday I posted a bit of a rant about Batman and heroism today. (Trust me when i say it was only “a bit of a rant” I easily could have gone on on the topic much longer.)   Now, I’m not necessarily suggesting that we need the pendulum to swing back the other way as far as what we see in the video below, but it’s hard to imagine the president of the United States calling upon the creature depicted in that post to appeal to kids to help their country by buying savings bonds and stamps. Unless, of course, the message was along the lines of a growling “Buy these bonds or I’ll come to your school and beat all your little heads in!”

Of course, it’s also tough to imagine today’s “heroes” selling Twinkies and Hostess cupcakes and the like either, but that’s another post for another time, I think.

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