Howl(oween) At The Moon With The Oldest Survivng Werewolf Movie – Wolf Blood (1925)

wb1Predating Universal’s The Wolf Man by sixteen years, George Cheesebro and Bruce Mitchell directed Wolf Blood in 1925. While it’s not actually the first werewolf movie – that distinction supposedly goes to 1913’s The Werewolf, but since that film is considered lost, this is the earliest surviving werewolf movie. (By the way, Cheesbro also stars in the film as protagonist Dick Bannister.)

One of the  most interesting things about the film is the actual origin of the werewolf. Instead of the (now) familiar trope of being infected with the curse by being bitten by another werewolf, instead Bannister, a logger, is attacked by a rival logging gang and left for dead. When none of his crew will step up to provide blood for a transfusion, the doctor treating him decides the best course of action is to use wolf blood instead.

Perhaps that’s not the best idea after all…


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