Classic Television Thursday #013 – Batman (1966 Series)

In celebration of the official release of the 1966 Batman television show I thought this week instead of just posting a single episode I’d give you a series of compilations and clips from the series. For me, growing up, this WAS Batman, and that’s probably one of the reasons that my idea of what a hero should be is so seemingly out of sync with the current zeitgeist. Not that I think all heroes should be this campy, and actually I rather like a darker take on Bats (I’m really looking forward to seeing Ben Affleck‘s take on an older version of the hero in the upcoming movie – that may, as a matter of fact, be the only aspect of it that I’m looking forward to, and I’ll go see it for that, if for no other reason), I just think that there are some heroes for whom that mold fits, and others that it definitely doesn’t.

Anyway, here’s just a taste of the batty goodness I grew up on:

and finally, yes, it’s from the movie and not the actual tv show, but it’s still Adam West as Batman, and it’s also one of my all-time favorite movie scenes:



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