Classic Television Thursday #016 – A Classic Christmas Roundup

santaWe did it for Halloween, we did it for Thanksgiving, so there’s no reason not to do it for Christmas, too. Here’s a roundup of classic television specials and special episodes to help you get into the holiday spirit.

(BTW, I should go ahead and note that since Christmas actually falls on Thursday this year, there won’t be a Classic TV posting next week, but assuming I can find enough New Years episodes, I will be posting a roundup for that holiday too to help you ring in 2015 in the right way.)

Let’s start by seeing what the Nelson Family is up to for Christmas, shall we?

Here’s Andy with an even more home-spun Christmas story

Or maybe you’d prefer to head home with the Clampetts for the holidays

I suppose we should take a little time out for a word from our sponsor now, shouldn’t we?

Of course, it wasn’t just the comedies that recognized the holiday. Here’s a Holmesian take:

Dragnet shows us that crime never takes a holiday

And no matter what the time of year, you didn’t want to cross the Racket Squad

Time for another break, this one featuring John Wayne urging people to buy Christmas seals

Of course, we can’t leave the musicians out of the mix

Maybe you’d rather spend Christmas with Dolly

Or Johnny and his family

This doesn’t quite qualify as a television special, but when I ran across it, I knew it was so special that I had to include it. Here’s the description from YouTube: Produced by the USO for the US troops overseas, this must-see concert film features over 50 celebrities from stage, screen and TV in an evening of music and comedy. These stars include Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Dinah Shore, Bob Hope, Lena Horne, George Burns, Jimmy Stewart, Milton Berle, Danny Kaye, Jane Russell, Gregory Peck, Kim Novak, Shirley Maclaine and many, many more.

And finally, I’ve shared it before because it really is an all time classic and in my book one of the funniest sit-com episodes ever made, so lets go Christmas shopping with Jack Benny

Merry Christmas, all!



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