R.I.P. Robert Kinoshita

robert-kinoshitaI’m not sure why the news is only now being reported, or if I simply missed a mention of it before, but famed TV and movie robot creator Robert Kinoshita passed away on Dec 9 of last year at age 100. Here’s Variety’s (unfortunately short) report. Mr. Kinoshita was the designer and creator of  the robots for both the movie Forbidden Planet and the television show Lost In Space.

It was only a few days before that that I wrote about my own love for Mr. Kinoshita’s creations, in an article about Robby the Robot‘s appearance on the TV show The Thin Man. You can find that article here.

I don’t really have much to add to that, but I thought just for fun I’d post this short clip showing part of the confrontation on Lost in Space between Mr. Kinoshita’s most well-know creations. I do wish the clip were better quality, but it was all I could dig up quickly, and will serve to give a taste of this classic showdown.

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