Matt Murdock May Be Fearless, But… – Here’s The New Trailer For Netflix’s Daerdevil

I’ve really liked all the info we’ve gotten so far about Netflix’s upcoming Daredevil series. What bugs me, though, is the final piece that we haven’t seen. Unless I’ve missed it somewhere along the line, there’s been absolutely no hint about the look of, or if we’re even going to get, DD’s iconic red suit.I’d kind of been hoping we’d get some kind of reveal either in or alongside this trailer, but no. Of course, there’s still a lot of time between now and April, and they do need to keep some things hidden to reveal later, but I’m really starting to worry that we’re only going to get Matt in this black facemask.

C’mon Netflix, don’t chicken out on us here. If you’re gonna do superheroes, then go all the way and do it right.


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