“What You Have Here Is A Paltry Ghost” – Here’s The First Trailer For The New Poltergeist Remake

pg1I’m going to skip the usual “but do we really need it?” commentary on this Poltergeist remake, because the obvious answer is “no”. As far as I’m concerned the original has about as perfect a blend of both creepiness and jump scare as you’re going to find, and though by today’s standards, sure the effects are a bit dated in places, but for the most part, they still work. Nonetheless, I was still willing to go along with it because you never know what someone different might bring to the property, and as I’ve said in other situations, whether or not this version is good or bad, I’ll always have the original.

What really bugs me though is that it seems, at least from this trailer,that the creative team behind this remake have abandoned that balance, going instead for bombast, big effects, and that same damned “something I can’t see is pulling me up the steps” effect that has become de rigueur for horror movies since the first Paranormal Activity used it to shocking effect. (Seriously, in the original it worked quite well, but it’s amazing how quickly it has gone from seeming innovation to overused trope.)

Also, considering that this trailer completely spoils the big reveal from its predecessor, one has to hope that the film makers have something new to bring to the table plot-wise, or this movie really is just going to be a complete disappointment. For the moment I’m still willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, but this trailer doesn’t help that along at all.


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