Uniting Justice – Here’s The First Pic Of Jason Momoa As Aquaman

aqua1This pic was posted yesterday on Batman vs Superman director Scott Snyder’s Twitter account. along with the text “There is only one true king”.

It pretty well goes without saying that Momoa definitely looks badass in the shot and I’m quite interested in seeing what he can bring to the character, who is also scheduled to appear in 2017’s Justice League movie and then his own feature film in 2018.

aqua2And, of course, both the phrase posted on the pic, “Unite the Seven”, and Snyder’s text give us an idea of a possible arc for the character which could guide him through all of those appearances – the seven referring to the “seven seas” and perhaps indicating that Arthur Curry’s (the other name by which Aquaman is known) Atlantis may not be the only undersea kingdom and that his goal is to somehow bring them together under his singular rule, though that then begs the question of why he would want to or feel the need to do that, and just what his ultimate goal would be.

There is, however, another possible interpretation of the Unite the Seven phrase that occurs to me. Traditionalists will note that although just exactly who they are at any given moment varies, there are generally considered to be seven core members of the Justice League. Usually this includes DC’s classic Trinity (Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman), along with some combination of The Flash, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Aquaman, The Martian Manhunter, The Atom, Hawkman, and others. Yes, I know, I’ve named more than seven there, but as I said, the cast of the comic has changed a lot over the years, and members will rotate in and out due to either the writer’s proclivities and or the publisher’s needs, and the “core seven” idea is far from a hard-and-fast rule, with the membership shrinking or expanding depending on any given storyline, but that seems to be the number that most writers have been most comfortable with juggling at any given time.

aqua3Which leads me to wonder if perhaps the “seven seas” interpretation of the phrase might not be the only meaning for the phrase. Perhaps it’s also a clue as to how many members we’ll eventually see the movie Justice League cast settle in to? This would also fit in with the Rise of Justice subtitle that the SvB movie has been given, as it is now actually considered a definite prelude to the Justice League movie. Have we been given a full list of the characters that will be making up the League? I don’t know if it’s been made official, but that would fall in line with the image to the left which, if I’m recalling correctly, accompanied many of the initial announcements of the JL movie. I just can’t help but wonder if perhaps we’ll eventually see other character pictures with the same slogan preceding the release

Of course this is all really just speculation, and we won’t know anything until we either see more images or get some kind of confirmation from the studio or Snyder, but hey, it’s all just for fun, isn’t it?


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