Co-Starring Thomas The Tank Engine? – Here’s The New Trailer For Marvel’s Ant-Man (2015)

am1Yesterday we got the trailer for the trailer, today we get the real thing.

Hopefully, despite the numerous behind the scenes ups and downs and the troubles that seem to have plagued Marvel’s upcoming Ant-Man, it’s going to retain that same sense of fun that marked Guardians of the Galaxy and gave it that sense of being a piece that could fit into the ongoing cinematic universe while at the same time not being wedged into the ongoing saga that’s building over the various Avengers movies.

Certainly, from the looks of the trailer, that’s going to be the case, but I guess we really won’t know until the actual movie hits. For now, though, I’m pretty pleased with what we’re seeing. The effects look quite credible, and it seems to be striking that just serious enough tone without forgetting to acknowledge the somewhat ridiculous nature of its entire premise.

I suppose we’ll all find out in July, won’t we?

Oh, and just for the record, yeah, I do like the look of Yellowjacket. It’s a shame that they’ve made such a mess of the entire Hank Pym storyline that he’s not going to be the character in either suit, but again, that’s just where we have to accept that this is the movie universe and not the comic book one.


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