Classic Television Thursday #032 – Mr. and Mrs. North (1952-1954)

mmn1Husband and wife detective teams have long been a staple of the genre, and while Nick and Nora Charles of The Thin Man fame are perhaps the most well known example, they are far from the only couple to show up on the small screen to solve cases together.

A perfect example of this is the couple that are the focus of today’s Classic Television Thursday, Mr. and Mrs. North.

First appearing in 1936 in a series of short stories and novels written by real life husband and wife Richard and Frances Lockridge, the couple’s adventures were quickly adapted into a Broadway play, a 1942 movie, a radio series, and yes, finally a television series.

mmn2Mr. and Mrs North (first names Jerry and Pam, respectively) actually first appeared on television in a 1946 adaptation of the stage play. The television series, which starred Barbara Britton and Richard Denning as the eponymous couple premiered in 1952 on CBS before moving to NBC for its final season.

Notable for its charming wit and light pace, Mr. and Mrs. North also should receive kudos for the fact that unlike a lot of detective fiction at the time, Mrs. North was just as apt to come up with the solution to the crime as was her husband.

Here’s an episode from the first season of the show entitled “A Good Buy”. Enjoy!











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