Do We Really Need To Go There Again? – Here’s The New Trailer For Vacation (2015)

vac1I recognize that I’m in the minority, having never been a fan of the original Chevy Chase-starring Vacation movies, but I just never found them funny. So I’m really not that interested in / excited for this year’s upcoming remake.

Actually, I think the best thing about those original movies was the poster art.

Nonetheless, knowing that a lot of you probably are looking forward to it, I figured I’d go ahead and share this latest trailer, if for no other reason than to give you a warning of what you’re in for.

And, I guess to give you Chris Hemsworth fans a little treat.

So here you go.

Oh, and I guess I should note for the record that the trailer is NSFW, but considering the movie it’s promoting, I’d think that could have gone without saying.

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