At This Point I’m Just Hoping The Movie Doesn’t Turn Out Too Monstrous – Here’s The Trailer For Victor Frankenstein (2015)

vfConsidering Fox’s growing reputation for really farking up properties like this, while I’d like to believe that they’re going to give us a good interpretation of this with their Thanksgiving release of Victor Frankenstein, I’m finding it harder and harder to buy into.

Of course, considering what we’ve heard so far from Universal and their plan to turn their versions of the classic monsters into some kind of Avengers-style mashup, I can’t say I’m particularly excited to see that either… Sigh…

Hey, nuHammer! You did some really good work with these characters in the past. Wanna take you’re own swing at ’em again? I figure you can’t screw it up any worse than the others, and so far your recent output’s been pretty respectable…


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