When The Purple Rose of Cairo Met Scream – The Final Girls (2015)

finalgirlsThe Final Girls appears to be this year’s entry into the The Cabin in the Woods wannabe sweepstakes, and from the looks of the trailer at least, it could have a pretty good shot at at least being quite entertaining, though I doubt it;s going to be the game-changer that CitW turned out to be.

This first trailer definitely looks promising, but I think this is also probably the last one I will watch before the flick makes its Halloween debut, because I don;t want to have all the best gags/what more plot there might be spoiled for me before I enter the theater. which is always the risk one runs with movies like this.

Anyway, we’ve got some time before the movie does hit theaters, and while this one does seem to give a pretty good feel for the tone and basic plot, I don’t think it’s too spoilery (though if you want to go in completely fresh, you might even want to skip it) so I say go ahead and check it out.


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