Classic Television Thursday Bonus – Classic Muppet Commercials

mup1In today’s regular Classic Television Thursday post on the Muppets on Sesame Street, I mentioned that Jim Henson’s Muppets had a history that began long before even their appearances on Sesame Street. One very important place that they appeared was in early television commercials.

These commercials were important to the development of the Muppets because they not only provided money for Henson and his crew, but they also gave him a great place to develop the styles and ideas that he would continue to explore throughout his career, along with a chance to develop some of the characters who would go on to be stars.

mup2This compilation not only includes a number of early commercials featuring Mr. Henson’s creations, but some promotional videos that were shot to promote the production company itself, and which provide some great behind the scene footage along with explaining just how the ideas behind some of these commercials were developed. Or maybe not.

Really, trust me, there are more laughs here that you’re going to find in a night full of current sit-coms. (Meaning there are at least two or three.)


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