Twofer Tuesday – Our Brand Is Chaos (2015) and The Candidate (1972)

obicI used to do a regular feature here on the blog which I called The Saturday Double Feature, in which I would pair a movie currently in theaters with one from the 80’s or before to make a sort of fantasy double feature.. This isn’t meant to be a revival of that feature, but if enough of you like the idea, maybe it’ll return.

Anyway, while I was watching last night’s premiere of the new Daily Show, I happened to see the trailer for Sandra Bullock’s upcoming film Our Brand Is Chaos.

Watching that, I couldn’t help but think of the 1972 movie The Candiddate which starred Robert Redford:

Obviously there are some differences having to do with place and time, (the Bullock movie, in case it’s not clear from the trailer actually has to do with a pair of American creative teams trying to steer a fictionalized campaign in Bolivia,), but thematically, they seemed a pretty good fit, each of them having to do with just what needs to be done to sell a candidate, and how far one is willing to go to ensure political victory.

I do have to note that while of course I haven’t seen it yet, I’m willing to bet that the newer movie is going to have a more upbeat ending than the somewhat ambiguous one of the Redford effort, but that again is just a sign of the difference in the filmic zeitgeist of the two periods.

So what do you think? Have you seen The Candidate? (If not, it’s film that I highly recommend.) Do you have any kind of anticipation for Our Brand Is Chaos? (I have to admit that based on this trailer I do.) And do you have any thoughts about other possible double feature pairings of this type? If so, let me know about them in the comments below or over on the DMM Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Twofer Tuesday – Our Brand Is Chaos (2015) and The Candidate (1972)

  1. ” I’m willing to bet that the newer movie is going to have a more upbeat ending”
    very very bad ending unfortunately, especially since i dearly love Sandra Bullock,
    the candidate she elects in real life only lasted a year, he resigned in disgrace and fled to Miami.
    The government of Bolivia is still trying to extradite him for crimes against humanity…

    He allowed the army to kill 67 people protesting his sellout of Bolivia’s natural resources to foreign corporations. The financial dealings where like the ones in Quantum of Solstice lol

    1. Oh yeah, the real life story turns out terribly. When i was talking about a “happier ending” I was talking only about the film version especially as compared to the ending of The Candidate.

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