Disappointing Star Wars Character Posters Make Their Debut

It’s not so much that these posters for Star Wars: The Force Awakens are disappointing in and of themselves. As far as they go, they’re perfectly fine examples of what most of the studios are releasing nowadays to promote their films.

But that’s kind of the point: they’re pretty much the same as everything out there. Here, go ahead and take a look for yourself:






I mean, c’mon guys, where’s the excitement? Where’s the sense of adventure that should come with a new Star Wars movie? Other than the logo and the choice of weaponry, what is there to set these apart?

Sure, the movie’s gonna sell itself, and you really don’t have to put any effort into marketing it, but if you’re going to, then how about actually puttim some effot rtt into it

Honestly, I’d trade all five of those (plus the other ones that are sure to be coming) for one or two more like this one:


But I guess, even with the vast array of incredible artists who would french kiss a wookie to get a shot at creating poster art for this movie, that’s just too much to hope for, hunh?


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