Haters Gonna Hate – Here’s The New Trailer For QT’s The Hateful Eight

8pAh, Christmas.

Usually you have to spend Christmas Day with people that you at least have to pretend that you love. Or at least like. Or are willing to tolerate.

That’s one of my theories about why theaters tend to be packed on the day. Because once the presents are unwrapped and the dishes are cleared and people are actually confronted with the question “So what are we going to do now? Just sit around and talk to each other?” Someone is going to have the bright idea “Hey, why don’t we all go see a movie?”

And everyone’s going to agree because nobody really wants to spend that much time together. Of course then comes the inevitable next question.

“What are we going to go see?”

Fortunately, this year Quentin Tarantino’s got you covered with eight people you can just go ahead and outright hate. Yep, the movie’s The Hateful Eight, and here’s the trailer:

Of course, no one in my own personal family should take the above characterization personally, because we all just love every moment that we get to spend together. And I’m sure that applies to your family, too.



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