Just A Little Off The Top, Please – Here’s The New Trailer For Barbershop: The Next Cut (2016)

bs1For those of you who don’t know me personally, I’ll let you in on a secret that really isn’t a secret. I’m a white guy who shaves his own head at home. Yep, I regularly just pull out the same kind of razor that most guys use for their beards and take it to the top of my head. I started doing this a while back when I noticed that my hair was starting to thin some and I decided it was time to go with a different look. And while there is a part of me that misses the dark wavy locks that I used to sport, I do think the new look works in a different way.

Of course, I probably could have left most of that out and just said “I’m a white guy” and most of you would have made the assumption that the kind of African-American barbershop experience that is depicted in the Barbershop movies is completely alien to me. After all, for most white guys nowadays “getting a haircut” consists of exactly that. Going into some place like a Supercuts or Sportclips and just getting a cut and getting out. The barbershop is not a place where we hang out, or that we invest a lot of time or thought into.

bs2And for the most part, that’s true. Though I do remember back in the day going with my dad to a place called “Wayne’s Barbershop” on a regular basis. Now I have no idea why my dad started going there, but back then we were regulars, and while it may not have really been a neighborhood hangout, it was the kind of place that people would go into and spend some time not just getting a quick impersonal cut, but interacting with Wayne, sharing neighborhood gossip and talk and just catching up.

Anyway, all of that is just my long-winded way to say that though I may not be able to directly relate to the kind of African-American barbershop cultural experience that is depicted in the Barbershop films, I really have enjoyed the first two movies in the series and am looking forward to the upcoming third film, Barbershop: The Next Cut.

Once again, the movie looks like it has a lot of the same smart, character-driven comedy, along with the heart and love for neighborhood that drove the first two films, and that it;s going to feature some of the best comedians out there today.

Also, and this is one of the things that has really made the first two movies stand out from the pack for me, it looks like the writing is as sharp as ever, utilizing and employing actual comedy instead of simply taking the easy way out and relying on foul language and cheap sex gags to draw in an audience.

So yeah, I’m definitely looking forward to this third installment in the series and hoping that it’s going to live up to the promise shown in this new trailer:

Now if you’ll excuse me, my head’s feeling a bit stubbly this morning, so I guess it’s time to go pull out the razor and take care of that.

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