Covering Comics #12 – Marvel’s Other Genres (Part One)

I’ve often said that I miss the comics covers of old. Those covers were designed, unlike many of the ones being produced today which are merely mini-posters spotlighting the titular character without giving any indication of the story contained inside, to draw readers in and make them anxious about actually reading the stories contained therein. Of course, this was also a time when comic books could be found all over the place, from newsstands to the local drug store, as opposed to only in specialty comic-book shops, and they were largely focused on catching the eye of someone just passing by the comics rack instead of depending pretty solely on regular readers who are willing to go every Wednesday to get their weekly fix, but that’s a discussion for another time, I suppose. Anyway, “Covering Comics” is going to be a probably irregular series of posts where I take a look at various covers from the past, highlighting some of my personal favorites, or other covers of note for one reason or another.

I’ve said before that I’d like to eventually see Marvel move deeper into their catalog of characters and move beyond simply creating “superhero movies”. We’ve already seen sparks of this with movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy really being more of a space opera and Ant-Man often being described as “a heist movie with superheroes”, but really, Marvel’s catalog of characters and titles is so deep that they could easily branch out even further while still calling on their past publishing history.

So, I thought I’d take this column and take a look at some of the covers that illustrate the varied history of titles that Marvel has published over the years and that they could use as launching pads for movies in other film genres.

For instance, for a long time, Marvel published quite a few Western comics, many of which featured characters that could easily be adapted to the silver screen:







Or maybe they could make movies based on their varied takes on the classic monsters (personally I’ve always wanted to see a movie based on Werewolf By Night – yeah, in a lot of ways it’s just another werewolf tales, but it had just enough unique twists for Marvel to make this character it’s own – one of the things they’re best at).


mar11   mar13


Or perhaps they could take one of thee many horror titles that they’ve run over the years and make anthology movies in the style of the old Amicus portmanteau movies:







Of course, those are just a few ideas, and I’ll be back next time with more. In the meantime, why not share some of your thoughts on genres other than superheroes you’d like to see Marvel studios tackle? Let me know in the comments.


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