Me Tarzan, You Bored – Here’s The First Trailer For The Legend Of Tarzan (2016)

tar11Here’s the thing – I’m really tired of origin movies.

I mean seriously, is there anybody out there who doesn’t know the character of Tarzan? Or who needs a two-hour-or-so movie to explain it to them? I really don’t think so. Heck, along with Superman and Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan ranks as one of the most recognized characters in the world.

That’s why, as good as this trailer for The Legend of Tarzan looks, and as good as the cast is, I really find it hard to get behind this latest entry into the here’s-another-take-on-the-tired-story-of Tarzan’s-origin movies.

Which is a shame. Because when it inevitably fails to produce the box office numbers, it’s very likely going to keep Warner Brothers from delving deeper into the rich canon of stories that are Edgar Rice Burroughs’ biggest legacy. There are an incredible number of stories that could be told about the character. (Yeah, I admit there are some racist attitudes that were accepted then that would have to be adjusted to make the stories palatable to a segment of today’s audience but that’s not an impossible to overcome obstacle.)

Personally, if it were me, I’d just skip right to something like Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar and if I really felt like the movie needed it, just insert a five minute segment of Tarzan remembering/dreaming about his past.

But anyway, here ya go:

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