Can We Trust The Trailer? Or Anyone In The Movie? – Black Road (2016)

br1Here’s one of those movies that had slipped past my radar until now.

I’ve noted often before that trailers can often be more than a bit misleading when it comes to the tone they seem to be setting and the final movie that we often get. That’s why I’m hoping that this trailer for Black Road is not one of those trailers. From what we see here, it looks like the film could be a very smart mix of intelligent science fiction – which we could certainly use more of – and film noir themes, which I’ll always welcome.

That could also be why it’s not gotten a lot of publicity. It looks like one of those films we’ll probably have to seek out instead of it being highly promoted.

I suppose we’ll have to wait until the film actually comes out to find out, but based at least in this, I think I can safely put it on my “movies to look forward to” list. Fortunately, It doesn’t look like it’ll be a long wait, since it’s supposed to be released Jan 28th.


Have a look:


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