Now These Posters Have Character! – Here Are Some Of The Newly Released Suicide Squad (2016) Character Posters

Back in December of last year I wrote a post dealing with the then newly released “character posters” for the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie and how I considered them, as posters designed to intrigue potential audience members and draw them in and make them more intrigued about and excited to see the movie to be a complete failure because they really just look exactly like the posters released for any upcoming action movie.

Here’s an example of one of them so that you can have an idea of what I was talking about:


See what I mean? If you were to see that hanging in your local cineplex I doubt that it would really spark more of a reaction than “Oh, yeah, that Superman movie’s coming up, isn’t it?” That is if you even paid it much attention at all.

Now, imagine that you’re walking through that same cineplex hallway and you ran across this poster:


Now that’s definitely something different and something that stands out from the crowd. Eye catching colors, intriguing design, and a real “What the heck is that?!” sensibility that, even if you’re not actually interested in the movie it’s promoting, would at least make you give it a second look instead of just walking on by and ignoring it.

Well, credit where it’s due. That second poster, the Harley Quinn one, actually comes from the same Warner Brothers marketing team that brought us the inevitable boring first one. It’s one of a series of posters. again considered “character posters” that were released over the weekend to promote their upcoming Suicide Squad movie.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of the movie, it’s another film based on a concept drawn from a DC Comics series (which is one reason I was glad to have the Superman poster to compare it with), this time dealing with the idea of a group of super villains forced to team up to take down a worse threat than even they pose.

Yeah, I suppose you could say they’re sort of an evil Avengers, except they have absolutely no desire to be doing what they’re doing, and would just as soon be making a run for it as fighting as some sort of team. It’s a concept that, if done well, could be a lot of fun and could lead to a really fun movie.

Anyway, the real point is that just like this movie could (and hopefully will) stand out from the glut of superhero movies that is coming our way over the next few years, these posters also stand out from the crowd of most likely too similar to each other posters that will be released to promote them.

And that, my friends, is just what a movie poster is supposed to do.

Okay, I noted that the Harley Quinn poster was just one of a series of these posters that were released. Here’s a look at some of the others:





There are other ones for the other characters, but that’s enough to give you the idea.

I also noted that all of these characters would be forced to become a team. Now again, one might expect to get that ubiquitous “Here we all stand together and pose as one” type shot that would typically be used in an instance like this and that we have seen before and will certainly see over and over again.

Fortunately, though, in this case, again the poster designers have come through and given us something completely different and again, something that will stand out from all the rest:


As a matter of fact, that’s the kind of poster that not only makes me want to at least find out more about the movie, but one that personally I’m hoping I’ll be able to get a copy of, something that I rarely feel about any of the posters released by the major studios today. (One example that I will note that I did get a copy of is the poster for Crimson Peak, which again I thought was a real stand-out.)

Now if we could only get more posters like these. You know, “character posters” that actually have some character.

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