Quckie Review – The Judge (2014)

j1Okay, let’s take a look at 2014’s The Judge and see what we’ve got here:

Robert Duvall as the titular cantankerous old coot judge? Check.

Robert Downey Jr as his charming arsehole lawyer son? Check.

Billy Bob Thornton as the too slick opposition lawyer? Check.

Vera Farmiga as the she stayed in the small town and may be the mother of Downey’s child ex-girlfriend? Check

A dysfunctional all-male family brought together and made to learn to relate to each other through shared impending tragedy? Check.

Outrageous courtroom scenes that would never be allowed to play out in anything resembling real life? Check.

Not one surprising plot twist in the entire movie? Check.

A movie that somehow made a boatload of money and got a Best Supporting Actor nomination for Duvall? Check, though I have no idea why.

A firm recommendation from me thatĀ  you not even bother with this movie unless you just want to watch these guys go through their paces one more time or just have 142 minutes (yes, the dang thing is well over two-hours long) to kill with absolutely nothing better to do? Check.

Here’s the trailer. I suppose you might as well go ahead and check it out.


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