Forget Freddie vs Jason – Here’s The Teaser Trailer For Sadako vs Kayako (2016)

svk1So if you take two of the most popular and terrifying horror franchises ever produced and have the main characters come into conflict with each other what do you get? Well, if you’re talking about what’s come to be known as J-Horror, and those franchises are Ringu and Ju-On – or as they became known in the U.S., The Ring and The Grudge – you get Sadako vs Kayako, due for a release in Japan in June.

There’s been no official plot line release that I’ve seen yet, but it appears to involve a teenage girl named Yuri who inadvertently watches a version of the infamous VHS tape from the Ringu series, thereby once again drawing out the character Sadako. How she then comes into conflict with Kayako from The Grudge still at this point remains a mystery.

The trailer itself, as can really only be expected at this point, is only a series of scenes, but if it’s any indication, fans of the two series are in for a real treat.

I’ve got no idea when or even if we’ll get a stateside big-screen release of this, especially in an unedited subtitled version, but I’m definitely holding out hope that that will happen and that we won’t have to settle for a direct to disk or VOD release. Or worse, an in-some-form Americanized version.

Here’s the trailer:

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