Double Feature Time – Zoombies (2016) and…

z1No, that’s not a misspelling in the title above, I really did mean Zoombies. As you’ll see from the trailer this comes from the folks at Asylum, purveyors of low budget schlock/homage/rip off films that quite often turn out to be entertaining in their own right, and this may just be one of those times. I’d suggest putting on your Roger Corman fan hat and just approaching it in that frame of mind. Somehow I missed this when it first appeared as a SyFy TV flick, but it just got it’s DVD release last week.

Anyway, watching the trailer put me in mind of one of the greatest Man vs Beast movies of all time, and a movie that would make a great double feature with it. That’s right, the ever popular Shakma! (No, the actual on-screen title doesn’t include the exclamation point, but it should, and the title should always be shouted just as it is at the end of this trailer.


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