Dawn Of Violence – Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016)

Nope nope nope nope nope. I’m just not going to do it.

bvs0Look, I could spend two or three (or more) hours writing about what’s wrong with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (from this point on simply referred to as BvS). I could outline why the movie simply needs a ground-up script-level re-think. I could rant on about how much the dourness portends increasingly negative things for the DC cinematic universe, especially if this is the way they’re going with all of the Justice League movies going forward.

I could write about how the ending. unless it is completely ignored going forward has to change the entire complexion of the DC cinematic world, or at least the US.

I could write about how quickly the box office for BvS has dropped precipitously, thereby confirming that though it was destined to have huge opening weekend numbers, audiences have since then tried to tell Warner’s (whether they’re willing to listen or not) that this just isn’t what they want to see in these movies.

On the flip side, I could, of course praise the Batfleck and tell you that his role in the film is really the only positive thing about it.

Yeah, I could do all that, but let’s be honest, at that point I’d just be repeating and re-affirming everything anyone with any real interest in this movie has already seen or read before, and there’s really no point in my doing that. I’ve already spent far more time thinking and writing in bits and pieces over on my personal Facebook page about this movie than it really deserves, Sure, it might be fun to tear into it, but really, I’m just tired of dealing with it at all.

Look. really it’s simple. If you liked Man of Steel, then you’re going to like this one. too. If you didn’t, then you still might want to go see it for the Batfleck scenes which will really just serve the purpose of making you look forward to the apparently more forthcoming than ever caped crusader solo film. Otherwise, just don’t even bother with it. Save your twelve bucks or however much it might cost you to go see it and spend them on Suicide Squad instead which looks like it might be the ray of hope that the DC movieverse needs.

Damn, the “ray of hope” is a movie about a group of villains forced to become semi-heroes. Yeah, I’m not even going to start on what that says about the state of DC/Warner’s so-called “heroes”.


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