Monkey See, Monkey Ride A Bike – One Got Fat (1963)

ogf1aTen little monkeys jumping on a bed

One fell off and broke his head

Nine little monkeys jumping on a bed…

While watching the 1963 bicycle safety PSA One Got Fat, I couldn’t help but think about the strange little chanting song above that is often used by teachers and parents to teach young kids how to count backwards from ten to one.

To say that this short film is just as creepy and strange as that counting song is not an exaggeration.

ogf2One Got Fat is a production of Interlude Films which did a number of PSAs to be shown in schools, and features a group of school children dressed as monkeys who are riding their bikes to a nearby park. Along the way each of them fails too observe a bicycle safety rule and because of it meets a rather grisly fate. The entire film runs about 15 minutes and is narrated by acclaimed voice artist Edward Everett Horton, whose voice you will immediately recognize if you spent any time watching Rocky and Bullwinkle as a child.

Y’know, it occurs to me that with all of the remakes coming out of Hollywood today maybe some enterprising film maker should try redoing some of these PSAs with modern technology and effects for today’s schools. I mean, just imagine the effect this could have on today’s school children with modern CGI effects.

Of course, that’s assuming that any of today’s kids actually still ride bikes instead of just doing it virtually on their cell phones.


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