They May Not Be So Fast, But He’s Very Furious – Runaway Match (1903)

There are movies that rely on car chases, such as the Fast and Furious series I referenced in the title. There are also movies that heavily feature car chases as part of their plot. One of the most notable is The French Connection. Another personal favorite is the over-the-top chase scene in The Blues Brothers.

Obviously, car chases have been a long-standing tradition in film. But How long-standing?  Well, would you believe since 1903?

That’s when the film Runaway Match was released. This silent short lasts just over four and a half minutes, an consists of nine different shots. The plot involves a couple who wish to elope. Hopping into a car, they soon find that they are being chase by the bride’s wealthy father who does not approve of the marriage. Unfortunately for him, he arrives too late to intervene, and the wedding takes place.

While the chase itself may not be the most spectacular ever committed to celluloid (though there is something of an explosion), it definitely set a trend that remains a staple of films even now.

By the way, the music which accompanies the film in the video below was specially commissioned by the Library of Congress and composed by Pablo Salazar who also posted the film to YouTube.

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