Throwback Thursday – The Avengers (1952)

***My apologies to those who get this on the direct feed – it was originally posted with the wrong title.***

Between this blog and my previous one, Professor Damian’s Public Domain Treasure Chest, I’ve been writing about movies for quite a while now. Because of that, there are a lot of posts that have simply gotten lost to the misAll Poststs of time. So, I figured I’d use the idea of “Throwback Thursday” to spotlight some of those older posts, re-presenting them pretty much exactly as they first appeared except for updating links where necessary or possible, and doing just a bit of re-formatting to help them fit better into the style of this blog. Hope you enjoy these looks back. 

In celebration of the release of Avengers: Infinity War this past weekend, I thought it might be interesting to look back at this short piece from the Professor Damian days.


A Sunday Serials Bonus – The Avengers (1952)

Ok, to make up for the long time between posts (and the fact that the “Sunday Serial” isn’t actually hitting until Monday morning), here’s a little bonus for you. Youtuber whoiseyevan has made a series of trailers for what he calls “premakes”. The basic concept is sort of what if certain movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark or The Empire Strikes Back were made in a different era? Then through the strategic editing of classic clips and new narration he has made trailers for these unfortunately never-to-be-seen classics.

Well, since all of the Marvel movies such as Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America have been leading up to a certain blockbuster that actually will be in theaters next summer, and since we took a look at the actual Captain America serial this week, it seemed only appropriate to share this premake trailer with you:



Yeah, now that’s a flick I’d love to see.Let’s just hope next year’s big-budget version shows half the imagination and excitement of this short.

And be sure to check out whoiseyevan’s other premakes on his youtube page.

Until next time, Happy Treasure Hunting,
-Professor Damian

Hope you enjoyed this blast from the past.


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