Just a Quick Poll Reminder

Not a lot of time for writing today, unfortunately, but I did want to remind everyone that I’ll be closing the poll tomorrow evening, so if you’ve been putting off voting or haven’t yet for whatever reason, now is the time to do it! It’ll only take a second and the input would mean a lot to me. Just look in the sidebar to the right and cast your choice for one of the movies I’ll be watching and writing about next week.

Once again, your choices are:

Nuvola filesystems desktop poll

1) Compliance (2012)

2) Smoke (1995)

3) Tremors (1990)

4) The Thief of Bagdad (1924) or

5) Fear In the Night (1947).

For full details and trailers for each of the movies just see this post.

There haven’t been many votes, so the chances a good that your choice will win!

Thanks, and Happy Viewing!

Don’t Forget To Boss Me Around !

Just wanted to take a minute to remind everyone about the ongoing poll where you get to pick one of the movies that I’ll be writing about. Just take a minute to scroll down the sidebar and give a quick click. The choices are: 1) Compliance (2012), 2) Smoke (1995) 3) Tremors (1990) 4) The Thief of Bagdad (1924) or 5) Fear In the Night (1947).

For more information on the poll choices and to see trailers for each, just scroll down a bit or click right here. And while you’re over there voting, why not go ahead and like the page on Facebook, too? You can either click right there on the sidebar or check out the site’s Facebook page here.

Thanks, and Happy Viewing!

Poll Time! You Pick the Movie!

film night | self portrait
Movies, movies movies. (And just for the record, no, that’s not me, though it definitely feels that way sometimes.) (Photo credit: Adam Foster | Codefor)

If you look over in the sidebar to the right, you’ll notice a new addition – you may have to scroll down a bit to actually see it – a poll asking which movie I should watch and write about. I’ve decided that every once in awhile (probably once a month or so) I’m going to run one of these polls to let you guys and gals give me your input on what you want to read about. Of course, that’s not to say  that I don’t always want your feedback/input/suggestions, this is just a more formal way of doing it.

Sometimes one of the hardest parts of doing a blog like this is choosing which movie I feel like writing about. Obviously there are thousands I could choose from – heck, as I type this there are 454 in my Netflix streaming queue alone, and that doesn’t even begin to take into account all the ones I already have on disk in some way, shape, or form here at the house. So what I’ve done for this poll is to narrow the list down to five that I’ve currently got under consideration and now it’s up to you to determine which will be the next. That doesn’t mean that I won’t get around to the others eventually, but the one y’all pick will simply be moved up to number one. In designing this initial poll I’ve also tried to spread the movies out over a variety of genres and time periods to maybe get a bit of a feel for the type of movie you’re most interested in reading about. I considered including an “other” option, but that’s what the comments are for. If you’ve got a particular movie you want me to throw my two cents worth in on, let me know in the comments either here or over on the facebook page.

Now, obviously, I don’t expect all of you to know all of the movies on the list. Some of them are definitely better known than others. So I’ve provided a little bit of a guide to them below – basically just a couple of lines and the trailer – to help you in making your pick. Okay, with all of that said, here are the five nominees in no particular order:

1) Compliance (2012) – This is one of those movies that I intended to see when it came out last year, but somehow just never got around to. From what I’ve heard, though, it’s disturbing enough on it’s own, but even moreso when you take into account that it’s based on a true story.

2) Smoke (1995) – I’ll say it up front, this is one of my all-time favorite movies, but it’s on the list because it’s been a number of years since I’ve seen it, and it’s definitely time for a re-watch.

3) Tremors (1990) – This is one of those “just for fun” movies. Plus, young Kevin Bacon and even a starring turn from country singer Reba McEntire!

4) Thief of Bagdad (1924) – This makes the list as one of those “I really sshould have already seen it” movies. Of course, due to the age of the film, I couldn’t find a period trailer, but here’s one from the Cohen Film Collection for their Blu-ray release.

5) Fear in the Night (1947) – A bit of B-movie noir featuring DeForest Kelly (“Bones” from the original Star Trek). No trailer here, but I was able to dig up a short clip to give you a taste of it.

So there you go. Those are your five picks, so head over to the sidebar and make your choice. And, of course, if you want more info on the movies, you can always find it by checking their IMDB or Wikipedia pages. Oh, and just a couple of final notes: I’ve set the poll up to be open for about a week, so get your vote in soon, and though I do look forward to your feedback on this – if you want to, feel free to not only let me know how you voted but why, and to make any other suggestions about movies I should be considering – only votes made using the poll will be considered “official”.

Okay, I think that covers it, except for one thing. I definitely appreciate all of the response and input I’ve been getting on this little effort of mine, and I want to let you know that you guys out there are important to me and to say “Thanks”. Whether you’re a regular reader, a first-timer, or somewhere in between,  your feedback means a lot, and this is just one way I’m trying to show it.