On The Other Hand – The Justice League Gets (Literally) Dirty

Sigh… I no sooner get through putting up a post praising Warner Brothers for the innovative design of their posters for the upcoming Suicide Squad (2016) and the next thing I run across is this image promoting tonight’s preview for the upcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, and what have we got? Not just the heroes in that “we’re ready for battle pose”, but so much dirt and rock fragment an whatever else that is supposed to be flying around them amidst dark clouds that the heroes are almost lost in the picture. Here, go ahead and take a look:


I mean seriously, the only thing this image makes me wonder (especially in contrast to the bright-yet-jarring images on the S.S. posters) is which group is supposed to be the good guys and which are the bad guys? Of course, maybe that’s supposed to be the commentary here. Is it possible that DC is simply trying to tap into the current zeitgeist and say that the good guys are at times indistinguishable from the bad? If so, they’re certainly on the right track.

Personally, though, I’m just taking it as further indication that this flick is going to be as much of a mess as Man of Steel if not more so.

Ah, well, at least they took the time to also release the logo image for next year’s Wonder Woman solo film at the same time.


Not that that looks all that much more promising.

The Squad Comes Together – Here’s the Latest Suicide Squad (2016) Group Poster

Yesterday I wrote at some length praising the new “character posters” for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie which included a group poster composed of a combination of the different images from those posters combined. In doing so I commented that in most other cases for this kind of movie the group poster would consist of pictures of the actors standing together in a heroic shot that made them look tough and ready to take on all comers. Well, today we got that group poster, but, like the previous ones this one is just a bit different than the norm which seems fitting since the group itself is different than your usual heroic group. Here, take a look:


Now it may just be a matter of perspective – after all, in film a downward shot lie this is usually used to indicate vulnerability – but that, combined with the color scheme (which is very much like that of yesterday’s posters) and the fact that the entire image is composed to resemble a skull really once again sets it apart from the usual group shot that you will see in your local movie theater for a film of this kind. Also, the fact that Jared Leto’s Joker is not only standing apart from the group, but it standing on one of the X’s that forms the image’s “eyes” could cause a lot of speculation. Is he being crossed out of the film? Is he somehow considered more likely to kill than the rest? Or is there another reason for it?

The point is that this poster actually succeeds in just the way I feel a poster should. It catches the eye and raises intrigue not only for those who may not know what the movie is about but those who do.

Now if only we could get more like this (but not like this) for other movies.

Tarantino Turns Eight And Gets Hateful And Apparently Big, Too – Here’s The Brand New Poster For The Hateful Eight (2015)

So apparently Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight is a happening thing after all. Those who have been keeping up with the off-screen drama surrounding this film will know that when the initial script for it was leaked online, QT initially said he just wasn’t going to make the film after all. No I haven’t read the leaked script, and I won’t because a) I know how much Tarantino’s films change from the script stage to what we eventually see, and b) I don’t want the experience of seeing a new film to be soiled like that.

There are also two other things to note so far about this flick. First, Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Kurt Russell is going to be involved in the project in some way (I consider that another positive move) and second, if you look at the poster, it says the film will be shot in “Super CinemaScope” which is another way of saying 70mm. It would also indicate the possibility that the movie will be shot on film, instead of digitally, which, while I’d love to see that happen, makes me wonder how many of us will have any chance at all to actually see it in that format.

Nonetheless, you can already just go ahead and – assuming it actually comes together, mark this down on my list of most anticipated films of next year.


When Apes Go To War – Here’s The New Poster For Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes (2014)

I have to say I really like this new Dawn of the Planet of the Apes poster. There’s a certain power to it that really beings a sense of excitement to the proceedings, and it definitely seems designed to stand out from the run of the mill “character” poster that we see far too often. With the powerful image of Ceasar on his warhorse rising from the water, and the blue sky which is certain to stand out from the “darkness” inherent in so many other posters on display lately, if I wasn’t already completely on board for this flick, this would certainly put me over the top. I haven’t seen it “in the wild” yet, but can’t wait to see how it looks when it hits the cineplex. I have a feeling it’s really going to stand out and draw a lot of attention to itself, which is exactly what great poster design is supposed to do.



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Is This Eva Green Poster For Sin City: A Dame To Kill For (2014) Too Sexy For Your Theater? The MPAA Thinks So

Along with determining what rating your movie is going to get (often quite controversially, but I’m not here to get into that today), and also approving the trailers that get shown in front of movies (we’ve all seen that “appropriate audiences” flasher that comes up before each trailer), the Motion Picture Association of America also has a say in the promotional materials that are sent to theaters in order to showcase upcoming movies.

Now it appears that the MPAA has determined that the latest character poster for the upcoming Sin City: A Dame to Kill For which features actress Eva Green is too risque to appear in your local theater. According to the article linked above, the cited reason is “for nudity — curve of under breast and dark nipple/areola circle visible through sheer gown.”

Now there are a number of different ways the debate could go from here: we could discuss sexuality versus violence, we could discuss American prudishness when it comes to this kind of thing, we could even discuss the role of the the MPAA in the first place, and whether the determination of what is too much should be in their hands or in that of local theater owners. And those are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to springboards we could use this particular poster for.

We could even discuss whether this is all just a huge publicity stunt by the studio to get more attention for the movie by submitting a poster they knew would be rejected knowing that it would get people talking about both the poster and the film (which, if that was their purpose has obviously worked, since here we are, doing exactly that). And for that matter, I find the whole “controversy” in a way rather amusing given the amount of obvious photoshopping this poster has undergone in the first place so that it’s doubtful that the part(s) of the poster the MPAA finds objectionable even belong to Ms. Green in the first place.

And those are all valid topics. But instead, in this case, I’m just going to tell you to take a look at the poster for yourself and see what you think. Is it too sexy to be displayed in theaters? How would you react if you came upon it in your local multiplex? Would your reaction to it be different if you had kids with you? I’m curious to hear your responses, so let me know what you think in the comments below.

(Oh, and yes, you can click on the image below to biggiefy it if you so desire.)


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Why Yes, That Is Some Kind Of Goblin There – New Triple-Panel Poster For Amazing Spider-Man 2

Spidey’s Back! Yep, that’s what you’re getting in this new 3 part poster for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Plus, the Rhino in costume, Electro, and, in the center, Harry Osborne as… The Green Goblin? Maybe. Though there are also reports that the character may be called The Hobgoblin instead. Either way, I’d not expect to see him in the trailer due out later this week, though you’ll definitely get the other two. (BTW, do the clicky-clicky for the biggy-biggy)


This Japanese Poster For John Ford’s The Searchers (1956) May Be Just As Beautiful As The Film Itself

And that’s saying a lot.


Oh, and yes, I will be covering the movie, which is number 7 on the Sight and Sound Top 250 list in an upcoming Top 250 Tuesday entry before too long.

And just for good measure, for those of you unfamiliar with the movie, here’s the trailer:

Another Day, Another New Godzilla Poster – This One Giving Us a Whale of a Tail


Yeah, that’s big.

So, which do you like better? This one, or the one we got yesterday?

Actually, I susupect we’ll know a lot more about this flick after SDCC this weekend.