Saturday Double Feature: Suicide Squad (2016) And…

ssp01Hey! It’s Saturday. That means it’s time to pair up another couple of films for a Saturday Double Feature.

I’m cheating a little bit this week, since today’s feature movie has already finished it’s theatrical run, but since it’s just come out on disk in the past few weeks, I’m declaring it recent enough to qualify.

One of last year’s most anticipated movies among genre fans, and also one of the biggest disappointments was Warner Brothers’ Suicide Squad. This was hopefully going to be the movie that, after the bleakness of both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman brought some light and fun to the DC comics movie universe. The cast looked good, the trailers gave some hope, and then…

And then the movie finally arrived.


No, it wasn’t as dark as its predecessors. As a matter of fact it had some pretty good moments. Instead it committed an even worse sin.

It was, overall, boring.

Yeah, I’m not sure how you take a premise like this and turn it into the kind of slog that we got (a problem that is not ameliorated in any way by the extended cut). Actually, I take that back, I do know how – you do what they did with this movie – instead of taking the Deadpool route and simply embracing the ridiculousness of the premise and going completely over the top with it, you try to fit it into the “real world” where it just doesn’t belong.

Anyway, here’s the trailer:

So in thinking about this movie and its premise – take a bunch of thieves, murderers, etc. and give them a chance to – perhaps not redeem themselves, but at least do some good and perhaps shorten their sentences, it occurred to me that there was one movie that would fit alongside Squad pretty well as part of a double bill – 1967’s World War II -set feature, The Dirty Dozen which starred Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine, Charles Bronson, Jim Brown, John Cassavetes, Telly Savalas, Robert Webber, and Donald Sutherland as a team of criminally misfit soldiers sent on a mission from which few, if any of them, were expected to return.

Take a look:

Okay, so that’s my pick for a double feature pairing with Suicide Squad. What do you think? Got a better or different idea of something to go along with it? If so, let me know in the comments below or over on the DurnMoose Facebook page.


Posters Or Posers? – Here Are The New Character Posters For Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

I’ve written on here before about just how craptacularly tired I am of “character posters” that are released to theaters in advance of new movies coming out. I suppose my biggest problem with them is that I don’t understand what purpose they are supposed to serve, especially when they’re for the next huge blockbuster franchise movie.

Take for example the three posters released last week to promote next year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Is there any reason at all for these posters to exist other than to hopefully take up space in the local multiplex? I certainly can’t think of one.


I suppose for me it gets to the heart of just what a movie poster is supposed to do, and there are a number of answer to that, none of which these posters really does.

First, a poster can be used to either induce or expand awareness of an upcoming movie. We’ve all had those moments when we’re walking down the halls of a theater and seen a poster and said “Hey, what’s that? I didn’t know that was going to be a movie,” or “Hey, that looks interesting, wonder what it could be”. But in the case of BvS:DOJ, is there really ANYONE who is going to have any interest in seeing this movie that doesn’t already know about it? No. So we can just go ahead and strike that one off the list.

bvs22pOkay, then maybe the purpose is to give those who see them more information about or more of a feel for what the movie is about. So do they do that? Not that I can see. Sure, they show us that Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are going to be in the movie and they show us what they look like. But again, with all of the buzz the movie has already generated, with all of the casting news and pictures that have already been released, and with the trailer already showing us all three of them in action, there’s nothing at all new or exciting about the information being delivered on that front with these posters.

Another purpose of a movie poster can be to gin up more excitement about a movie, perhaps by way of spotlighting a particular image or scene from the movie or by promising action or thrills or romance or…  well, you get the idea.All these posters seem to promise is more dirt or rock or debris – which the predecessor to this movie certainly delivered – or whatever that is supposed to be that is flying or falling around the characters.


But really the biggest problem with these posters is that they do absolutely nothing to distinguish themselves or the movie they’re trying to promote from every other poster lining the multiple’s hallways. There’s absolutely nothing about them that makes them anything other than generic. Of course, maybe that is the message that Warner Brother is trying to get across. Maybe they’re just trying to ptomote this film as action movie comfort food. Maybe the ultimate message is “Hey, you know that movie you’ve seen over and over again? Well here’s another one just like it!”

If that’s the case, then I guess I’m wrong, and these posters do succeed after all.

Trailer Parking – Here Are The New Trailers For Fantastic Four, Jurassic World, Mr. Holmes, Batman V Superman, And The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened?

It’s been a huge week or so for trailer leaks and releases, and I’ve already featured a couple of them here, but I thought I’d just do a quick roundup of some of the others that have come out recently with a few short comments on each, so here we go.

First up, it’s the new trailer for the latest Fantastic Four reboot:

Okay, obviously, this isn’t the Fantastic Four that I grew up with or even those who only know the characters from the previous movies.. It’s much more obviously based on the “Ultimate Universe” take that Marvel created over a decade ago in an attempt to update those characters and bring them into the new millennium. That being said, I’m in a very strong “wait and see” mode on this one. Obviously, the young cast, led by Miles Teller is appealing, and the action and effects are going to be strong, but what it’s really going to come down to is the storytelling and the chemistry that these characters show onscreen. If they just get the tone right, then this could turn out to surpass what are – fortunately for the film – going to be low expectations, and it could turn out to be pretty good.

Next, Jurassic World:

For some reason I keep forgetting that this movie is coming out this year. I suppose a big part of it is that in all of the blockbuster onslaught that is happening both this year and next, a new Jurassic Park movie, which at other times would have been The Movie Of The Year, is just another feature. Nonetheless, it looks as though Chris Pratt, fresh off the huge success of Guardians of the Galaxy is bringing the same level of charm to this, and as long as he is allowed to do that and the producers have remembered that this should just be a fun “grab some popcorn and enjoy it movie”, this might be a world well worth visiting.

Let’s go a bit smaller next, with the release of the new UK trailer for Mr. Holmes:

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Ian McKellen is an inspired choice to play an elderly Sherlock Holmes, and one has to wonder how well he might have fit into the role in his younger years. This may actually be one of the movies that I’m most anticipating getting to see this year, and the more footage we get, the more that sense of anticipation grows. My only hope is that despite it’s somewhat downer premise (Holmes losing his famed memory and how that affects his deductive skills) it doesn’t turn completely sentimental and sloppy during its final scenes. So far, however, things look really good.

Alright, let’s go ahead and do it. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Yeah, so there it is. You know, I can’t say that I’m surprised that the latest iteration of the title for this flick has Batman’s name out front, because this trailer just makes it look like we’re going to get exactly what I’ve been expecting: A superb performance by Ben Affleck as Batman in what is otherwise going to be a steaming pile of crap follow-up to Man of Steel. No. I’m not going to go into yet another rant on just how much I hated that movie and why, but it looks as though this film is going to be, tonally at least, more of the same. The thing is, this looks like it actually could be a pretty good adaptation of Frank Miller’s seminal The Dark Knight Returns, and if that’s what Warners wanted to make, and if they had made that as a standalone film, then I would probably be completely on board with this as that movie. Unfortunately, that isn’t what this is being billed as, and even worse, it seems to be the major cornerstone that all of the other DC Comics movies coming out in the next few years is going to be built upon. So instead of a fun, relatively light and creative universe where each of the characters gets to be themselves and then come together to just up the ante while still retaining a real sense of adventure and wonder like Marvel has done with their properties (and, for that matter, like DC has done with their TV properties, where both Arrow and The Flash – and even Gotham, which should have the darker tone that it’s been generating – have completely embraced where they come from and what they are and have become and which has me completely psyched for the upcoming team-up spinoff), we’re going to get “grounded” and “gritty” takes on characters like Wonder Woman and Aquaman and the other characters that are going to be spinning out of this movie.

Finally, just to not end this on a completely down note, here’s a trailer for a film that I didn’t even know as coming out until yesterday: The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?

Superman Lives is one of those legendary comic book movie failures. Imagine 90s era Nicholas Cage starring in a Tim Burton directed, Kevin Smith written Superman movie. Yes, the fanboy head fairly ‘splodes! But for awhile, it seemed like it might actually be a Thing That Might Happen. So why didn’t it? Well, apparently that’s exactly what this documentary sets out to explore. Now obviously, this isn’t going to be the most serious or important documentary that’s going to come out this year, but nonetheless, it should be really entertaining, even for non-Superman fans, just because of the personalities involved. Like I said, I just found out about this yesterday, but it’s very quickly moved to a very high place on mt “can’t wait to see it” list.

So there you go. just a few of the latest trailers that have dropped in the past few days, and I’m sure, as we gear up towards the Summer there will be even more in the next few weeks. So what do you think about these, some of the other ones that I’ve already written about, or other movies coming that we’re still looking for more info on? Let me know!