It’s Not The Time, It’s What You Do With It – 17 Hours In Bed (2012)

17(A quick aside: I’m going with the full onscreen title here, though I’ve also seen it referred to simply as 17 Hours In.)

Time is often what you make of it. That not only refers to the title of this film, but its length. 17 Hours In Bed is a less than 15 minute short film, but it definitely makes the most of the time that you spend with it. The basic premise is simple: in a wordless opening, we meet Liz, who is receiving word from her doctor that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The rest of the film deals with how she comes to terms with that and what she does directly after receiving this news.

What follows could have been played as a weepy tear-jerker, but instead what we actually get is a fun little celebration of life, it’s quirks and coincidences, and making the most of what time you have. Trust me when I say that there’s more than one surprise to be had in this film, and that’s only part of what makes it so incredibly engaging.

The film was written and directed by Ivo Raza and stars Jennifer Dawson as Liz and David Lipper as Kevin. The two leads are both engaging and talented (and, yes, sexy) performers, and it is they, as much as the material, that really show the strength of what can be done with a very short amount of film time. All three of these are names I’ll be on the lookout to see more from.

Fair warning, the film is NSFW, but you shouldn’t let that hamper you from enjoying this very well made piece.

Spend a little time with these people. You’ll definitely be glad that you did.

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