Quick Site Update: The Moose Is Proud To Be A Lamb

lamb-banner-wideThat’s right, Durnmoose Movie Musings, this here blog, is now a proud new member of the Large Association of Movie Blogs otherwise known as the LAMB. We’re actually Lamb #1740, and right now the site is featured on the front page of their site.. So what exactly is the LAMB? Well, according to their FAQ,

The LAMB (Large Association of Movie Blogs) is the worlds largest film blog directory/community. It was founded 31 oct 2007 by Dylan Fields who still is active on the LAMB with his site Man I Love Films and as LAMBcast host.

They’re also a great resource both for finding out about various movie blogs, things going on in the movie blogging community such as various blogathons or special events, and for networking with other movie blogs.

For more info on the LAMB you can click here (or the link on the sidebar) to get to the LAMB website, or to see the Moose’s LAMB profile, just click here.

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