I Suppose You Really Have To Call This A Culture Clash Comedy – Here’s The Trailer For Rock The Kasbah (2015)

What’s this? A new Bill Murray comedy that I’m actually looking forward to? It’s been awhile, old friend. Now let’s just hope that the movie lives up to the trailer.

Oh, and I guess it would have been just a bit too spot on for them to use the original song in the trailer. But that’s not going to keep me from posting it here for a) those who are my age who remember it fondly, and b) those who are too young to remember the song and have no idea what the title (of the movie and of this post) is in reference to:

(I say it’s fondly remembered, though at the time, it was considered by fans of the group a sign of their selling out for radio play, and unless I’m mistaken, one of their last releases before they broke up. Yeah, I know I could Google that to make sure, but let’s just go with that this morning, shall we?)