Saturday Double Feature: Game Night (2018) and…

Hey, it’s Saturday, and that means the return of the Saturday Double Feature!

Okay, let’s start with a quick recap of the “rules”, shall we? The basic idea here is to take a movie that is out in theaters now, and pair it up with another movie from the 1980s or before. Sometimes the connection will be obvious, and sometimes it’ll be a little less so, but that’s part of the fun.

It’s a bit hard to tell from the trailer just what kind of movie Game Night is going to be. For one thing it’s hard to nail down the tone of the movie. There are points where it looks like it could be a slasher variation, others where it resembles an old dark house style thriller, and still others where it looks more like a horror comedy.

So in considering all of this when looking for a double feature to pair with it, I decided to go with a comedic take on the old dark house flick, 1976’s Murder By Death.  The movie features parodies of famous movie detectives brought together by a man (a rare film performance by Truman Capote) who claims to be the world’s greatest detective, and to prove it he challenges them to solve a murder which will take place at midnight.

So what do you think? What would you choose for a double feature with Game Night? Leave your thoughts in the comments, along with ideas of any other upcoming movies you’d like to see “double featured”. Consider it, if you will, your chance to challenge me to come up with an interesting pair.

Until next time, Happy Viewing!