Because Sometimes You Just Have To Get Started

I hadn’t intended for this to be first post on here, but it’ll do for a quick trial, and I was curious how the video posts would look.

I didn’t realize just how overused this particular meme had become until I watched this video. In a way it is interesting to see the different variations and how some creators have at least tried to vary it up a bit and play with our expectations instead of simply using it for shock value, though I do have to wonder just how much actual “shock” can be left when my admittedly quick on the uptake 12 year old daughter Hannah (about/from whom you will certainly read more as time goes by, along with my other kids) and I were watching something the other night (I forget exactly what) and as soon as a particular character stepped off the curb and turned she simply said “Bus.”, and sure enough…

Still, there is a certain fascination in watching the 12 minutes (!) of this play out and realizing just how many times you really have seen this exact scenario play out. And, as a bonus, it also serves to get things off and running here.

I’ll be back soon with more, but for now, happy viewing!