763 New Jokes And An R Rating And Still No Reason For Existing – Here’s The Trailer For The Expanded Anchorman 2

Personally, I live in a world where we didn’t really need an Anchorman 2 to begin with. If, however, you’re one of those who love the Will Farrell comedy, or who were disappointed that it was toned down to get a PG13 rating, then I suppose next week is your week, as, according to this trailer, the film will be returning to theaters in an expanded, R rated version with a purported 763 new jokes. (Actually, if I had to guess, these are largely alternate takes that were originally left on the cutting-room floor, but who knows? And hey, if there are 763 new jokes, it may prove that as many as 6 of them are actually funny, so it may not be a complete waste of your time and money.)


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