Here’s A Good Reason Not To Bring Your Work Home With You – Alice Jacobs Is Dead (2009)

ajSo what happens after you’ve found a way to stop the zombie virus, but haven’t actually found a cure for those who were already infected? How far do you go in the name of love? These are the questions that face Doctor Ben Jacobs in this very effective and evocative short film from Strange Case productions.

Alice Jacobs is Dead stars John LaZar as Dr. Jacobs, and Adrienne Barbeau (yes, Adrienne Barbeau!) as his wife Alice. It was written and directed by Alex Horwitz.

The film runs around twenty-one minutes, and like the best short films, does a good job of getting in, setting things up, taking the time it needs to tell the story it wants to, and then getting out, without being overblown or overstaying its welcome.

Give it a look:

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