The Upcoming Godzilla Redo Gets A Very Iconic Poster

Bouncing off last weekend’s release of Pacific Rim, and anticipating its official unveiling at the San Diego Comic Con, here’s a look at the very interesting first poster design for the upcoming Godzilla remake.

godzilla-poster-comic-con-2013-fullI really, really like the iconography of this poster and everything that it implies for this remake. It doesn’t really give us an actual look at the big guy, which I’m completely cool with, because it does give us enough of the classic outline to shake any fears that they’re going to go too far astray, and the incorporation of the destroyed buildings really just adds that much more to the menacing feel of power that he should have.

This is definitely one of those posters that, should it make it to theaters looking like this, is going to stand out from all the oh-so-similar-to-each-other posters on the walls.

The movie itself is expected to hit theaters in May of next year.


3 thoughts on “The Upcoming Godzilla Redo Gets A Very Iconic Poster

  1. That’s an awesome concept for a Godzilla film. I sincerely hope that the film is centered in Japan in post WW2, a few years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki were blown to smithereens by the bombings. Radiation created an enormous lizard that destroys Tokyo, I’m excited. It can’t be any worse than the Matthew Broderick film.

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