Yeah, And That’s Exactly What Appears To Be The Problem – Here’s the New “Final” Trailer for Fantastic Four (2015)

Go ahead – watch the trailer first.

“There’s strength in Numbers.”

Of course, it’s just a catchy (if cliche) tagline playing off the emphasis on the “Four” in the title rather than the “Fantastic”, which is actually where the emphasis should be, but once again, Fox proves that they’re afraid to fully embrace the comic book nature of the properties they have optioned. (Again leaving us with the question of why option them in the first place? Is it really solely for the name recognition?)

ffa3And then there’s the part where any fan of the classic characters would tell you that the line should be “There’s strength in Family”, since one of the most the most interesting aspects of the book from its inception and especially in the ensuing years was the development of Reed Richards et al. into Marvel’s “First Family” amongst the hero set.

But, of course, the desired demographic can’t possibly (at least in studio think) deal with that, so…

Eh, we’re gonna get what we’re gonna get. And yeah, like everyone else, I’ll go see it. (Fortunately, I’m in a position where I can do that without plunking more dollars into the studio’s coffers.) And I’ll try to do that with a relatively open mind and remind myself that no matter how the movie at the end of the day turns out I’ll still have the classic characters and stories that I grew up with.

(And if I’m being honest, it’s not like Marvel’s publishing arm has exactly been treating the property much better for the past few years anyway, so I can’t lay all of the blame at Fox’s feet. Heck, they’re not even publishing a comic named The Fantastic Four at the moment.)

Thoughts, gang? Hit me with ’em in the comments. And while you’re at it, get those kids off my lawn, willya?!

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