Want To Play More Than 2300 MS-DOS Games? Head Over To The Internet Archives

ia1That’s right, just on the heels of putting up almost 650 games in the Internet Arcade last year, the Internet Archives has just opened up a new section with over 2300 MS-DOS based games that are playable right in your computer browser.

What’s MS-DOS I hear a bunch of you ask? I’m almost tempted to tell ya to go ask your grandpa, but let’s just say for now that before Windows, there was MS-DOS. (It’s actually an acronym for MicroSoft-Disk Operating System), and it was the interface that those of us of a certain age used to operate our computers. Yes, this is true old-school computing.

ia2Nonetheless, there really were a lot of really fun games back then, and though the graphics are far from state-of-the-art, and the game play may seem a little cludgy and take some figuring out, there’s still a whole lot of entertainment value to be had here.

For more information, I urge you to head over to the collection’s curator Jason Scott’s website where he talks about what went into porting these games in a way that makes them playable, gives a lot of background on his efforts, and most importantly, asks for feedback from the users. It really looks like Jason is truly interested in doing everything he can to make this a viable collection that will keep these games from being lost forever.

Yep, here we go. Thanks to the IA it’s a completely new -but at the same time quite old- rabbit hole to fall into.

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