Michael Geist On Canadian Copyright Extension And The Public Domain

This probably could just as well have been a Facebook post, but I just wanted to take a moment to note that over on his blog Michael Geist has been posting some really good articles about the recent announcement that the latest Canadian budget reforms also include an extension to the Copyright laws there, and the reasoning behind it and the repercussions of that extension. Here are links to some of those articles:

The Great Canadian Copyright Giveaway: Why Copyright Term Extension for Sound Recordings Could Cost Consumers Millions

Canadian Recording Industry: Works Entering the Public Domain Are Not in the Public Interest

Is the Great Canadian Copyright Giveaway Really About Some Cheap Beatles Records?

Competition Killer: Why the Copyright Term Extension For Sound Recordings Will Limit Consumer Choice and Increase Costs

The Power of Backroom Lobbying: How the Recording Industry Got Their Copyright Term Extension

If you’re at all interested in the subject of Copyright Law and the Public Domain I highly recommend giving these articles a read, because the actions currently going on in Canada may very well foreshadow what is to come once the U.S, congress takes up the subject in the next few years, and right now the outlook is not very good.


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