The Squad Comes Together – Here’s the Latest Suicide Squad (2016) Group Poster

Yesterday I wrote at some length praising the new “character posters” for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie which included a group poster composed of a combination of the different images from those posters combined. In doing so I commented that in most other cases for this kind of movie the group poster would consist of pictures of the actors standing together in a heroic shot that made them look tough and ready to take on all comers. Well, today we got that group poster, but, like the previous ones this one is just a bit different than the norm which seems fitting since the group itself is different than your usual heroic group. Here, take a look:


Now it may just be a matter of perspective – after all, in film a downward shot lie this is usually used to indicate vulnerability – but that, combined with the color scheme (which is very much like that of yesterday’s posters) and the fact that the entire image is composed to resemble a skull really once again sets it apart from the usual group shot that you will see in your local movie theater for a film of this kind. Also, the fact that Jared Leto’s Joker is not only standing apart from the group, but it standing on one of the X’s that forms the image’s “eyes” could cause a lot of speculation. Is he being crossed out of the film? Is he somehow considered more likely to kill than the rest? Or is there another reason for it?

The point is that this poster actually succeeds in just the way I feel a poster should. It catches the eye and raises intrigue not only for those who may not know what the movie is about but those who do.

Now if only we could get more like this (but not like this) for other movies.


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