It’s Krofft Time – Here’s The First Trailer For The New Electra Woman And Dyna Girl (2016)

ew1I suppose it’s fitting to post this trailer for the new Electra Woman and Dyna Girl movie on a “Throwback Thursday” since I was a fan of the TV show when it was a part of the Saturday morning line-up way back when. Of course, part of that original love was because I had a serious crush on the super-cute Judy Strangis who played Dyna Girl in the original, and who also starred in the TV show Room 222.

(A quick side note: though she payed the teenage sidekick to Deidre Hall’s supposedly quite a bit older Electra Woman, Strangis was actually only two years younger than Hall.)

Anyway, thankfully it looks like this updated version is going to play as a pretty straightforward comedic take on the original, which is fitting, since the earlier version was basically a gender-swapped parody of the 60s Batman TV show. There are certainly worse ways they could go, and I’m just glad they’ve decided not to make this into some kind of crass “re-contextualizing” of the original, as happens far too often today.

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl is scheduled to hit various digital platforms in June before a pretty quick DVD/Blu-ray release in July.



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