Happy 100th Kemosabe – Clayton Moore, Born Sept 14 1914

cm1100 years ago today, Jack Carlton Moore was born in Chicago Illinois. Of course, today he is better known by his stage name, Clayton Moore.

Mr. Moore made his first uncredited on-screen appearance in the B-Western Forlorn River in 1937. After a couple of other uncredited appearances, he received his first onscreen credit as Jack Moore in 1939’s Burn ‘Em Up O’Connor, in which he played a hospital intern.

Moore landed his most famous role in 1949 when he was selected to portray the titular character on the television version of The Lone Ranger. The character was already popular from the radio show, which had been on the air since 1933.

Moore played the character for the first two years of the show which presented an astounding 52 episodes per year! For reasons that have never been fully revealed, Moore was fired and replaced by actor John Hart for the third season, but when hart proved nowhere near as popular, Moore was rehired, and remained with the show until it finally ended its run in 1957. He also starred in two Lone Ranger feature films.

After the series ended, Moore continued to make personal appearances as the Ranger for many years, and for many people even today, he is The Lone Ranger.

So, in celebration of what would be Clayton Moore’s 100th birthday, here are just a few of the total 169 episodes of the series which made him a household name



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